The Signal


The Signal is the official student newspaper of Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. (wikipedia)

1977 October 3

Vol. 36 No. 10


Zap Out
By Tony Paris, p 25

Lumpy Gravy, Chunga’s Revenge, Hot Rats, Burnt Weeny Sandwich—they all sound like selections from the menus of those plastic 24-hour diners that are all over the United States around airports and bus stations.

Actually they’re not, they’re album titles from a man who has been to more of those diners than you or I will ever see. A man who has been recording and touring for over 12 years, a man who has been credited with winning a gross-out contest consisting of eating human excretion, (which he swears is totally untrue), a man who gave meaning to the words “weird” and “freaky” – Frank Zappa.

Zappa looked relaxed sitting on the sofa in his room at the Marriott Hotel as he sipped a cup of coffee. His sometimes wild, woolly jet-black hair was hanging free, instead of being tied back in ponytail as it was the night before during his sell-out performance at the Fox Theatre.  (read more)


Source: Javier Marcote