Songwriter Connection


Magazine founded by Michael Dolan, who also started the Music Connection magazine.

1984 November

Vol. 2 No. 5


Frank Zappa
An uninhibited interview with the gloveless rock genius
By Gary A. Shay, 5 pp

SW: Sorry to wake you...

Zappa: It's okay... I knew I had to get up to do this. It's just that I worked until about seven o'clock in the morning.

SW: Working on a new composition?

Zappa: No, I was working on something more boring, the liner notes. Before I go on the road I have to finish production on five albums (Yawning). One of them is the new rock & roll album which is called Them or Us, I finished those notes the other day. There's a three-record box called 'Thing-Fish '... there's a single disc of "The Music of Francesco Zappa" ...there's the first of the multi-record boxes of the old masters. Had to write a book for that one. And then there's the Boulez album, which Angel is putting out, and I'm supposed to have those notes done by tomorrow. (read more)