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1987 February

Vol. 2 No. 4


Frank Zappa: Jazz From Hell
By Paul Gilby, pp 36-38

Could you explain how you arrived at the position we find you in today – as the owner of a state of the art digital synthesizer system?

"Well, you know, my interest is basically in music and, for me, synthesized sound is not necessarily the most fascinating part of it. I like the idea of getting things that sound like real instruments to play unbelievably difficult music. The sequences that I will be demonstrating on the Synclavier at today's show are very tame by my standards, they've been chosen because they are the most accessible of the pieces I'm working on. The rest of my stuff is mathematical and very strange and it's definitely not foot-tapping stuff!" (read more)


Source: slime.oofytv.set


Frank Zappa produced a vast amount of recorded material during his career, often pushing both his musicians and the technology of the day to extremes. The task of editing, mixing and archiving these recordings is being undertaken by his son Dweezil, with the help of some cutting-edge computing hardware. (read more)