Soundblast, a.k.a Sound Blast is a popular Australian rock magazine from the 70s. In January 1973 Soundblast incorporated long running (485 issues) magazine Music Maker. The National Library has Soundblast issues from October 1970 to July 1973. (National Library of Australia)

1972 January


The Zany Business of Being Frank Zappa
By ?, pp 17-18

The text on picture is unfortunately unreadable. We can only note, that this interview was later translated into Hungarian and published in Bercsényi 28-30, September 1972.

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1973 June


Inside Frank Zappa
By John Robinson, pp 7-8


News came through as we went to Press that Frank Zappa is to be featured on telly – as the subject, in fact, of the ABC's top prestige program, "Monday Conference" on Monday, July 2 in all States – quite a departure for this usually staid but always interesting program. Meanwhile the interest in Zappa has been so high (except in Adelaide), that the Robert Stigwood Organisation has already added one extra concert to the tour in Sydney (Sunday, June 24) and is considering another, farewell concert on Sunday, July 8. Melbourne may also get another concert – watch the daily press.  

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