The Spectrum


The Spectrum is an independent student newspaper published in Buffalo, New York. It is published three times a week. (wikipedia)

1969 April 28


Mothers Of Invention
By Joseph Fernbacher, p 8

Javier Marcote:

Not long ago Charles Ulrich asked me if I could help him to find out in which date FZ & MOI performed at the Clark Gym in the University of Buffalo. Charles found testimonies of two attendees at internet that had placed the concert at the Clark Gym.

It was known that Tom & Jerry ( Simon & Garfunkel) opened the same show & the own FZ wrote about it in the TRFZB & he dated it in 1967. At Simon´s gig list was dated on January 1967. Bunk Gardner said he remembered they performed in the same date of his birthdate.

Charles contacted Art Tripp to ask him. Art replied he was in that concert ( so we understood that couldn´t be in 1967) but rather 1968.

After an unsuccessful research through newspapers & mags on the NY state area, then I decided to contact the library at the UB and asked about it.

And yesterday I received their reply. The concert is dated in May 2, 1969.

You may find two articles, pre-concert dated on April 28, 1969 & review dated on May 05, 1969 of the student newspaper of the UB named The Spectrum.

Source: Javier Marcote


1969 May 7


Concert review - Mothers Of Invention
By Joseph Fernbacher, p 8

Source: Javier Marcote