Studio Sound


Studio Sound covered professional recording, recording production and studio technology and equipment beginning in February, 1959. Initially named Tape Recorder, it changed name in February, 1970. It was published through November of 2001 as Studio Sound. (

1978 September

Vol. 20 No. 9


Frank Zappa Live
By David Clamage, pp 68, 70, 73

I was witness to the four Frank Zappa performance at the Hammersmith Odeon this January, and was able to spend time with his crew and technicians on their return at the end of February. It is note-worthy to add that our conversations took place during the set-up time for the stage and equipment, and hence many thanks are in order to all concerned for allowing me in their way. The offices of Frank Zappa and Frederick Bannister are to be thanked for their cooperation and time, as this article would not have been possible without their efforts. (read more)