TONEAudio, "the e-journal of analog and digital sound", started in 2005. Today it is one of the most highest recognized audio magazines in the world. (High Fidelity)


No. 10


A Guide To Getting Lucky
By Tom Caselli, pp 25-30

Article by Tom Caselli contains a review of Burnt Weeny Sandwich (pp 26-28)




No. 20


The Wild Man Is Back
By Jeff Dorgay, pp 25-26

Frank Zappa - Hot Rats (review)
By Marc Phillips, p 50



2013 September

No. 57


Audiophile Pressings
By Jeff Dorgay, pp 106-107

Source: Vitaly Zaremba 


2014 January

No. 61


Audiophile Pressings
By Jeff Dorgay, p 254


Source: Vitaly Zaremba