Technician is the student newspaper of North Carolina State University. Its first edition was published in 1920, and it has been published continuously since that date, becoming a daily paper in fall 1988. (wikipedia)

1975 October 20

Vol 56 No. 24


Zappa: Weirdly Great
By Arch McLean, p 4

The crowd of about 5,000 sat patiently through the opening act and the short time needed for equipment changes. When the house lights dimmed for the second act, applause filled the stadium. Dressed in unusual costumes, the Mothers (minus Frank Zappa) marched onstage and began to play. First game a solo by Andre Lewis on sythesizer, then Napoleon Murphy Brock took over on sax. The mood was funky as Zappa nonchalantly strolled into the spotlight, stopped to light a cigarette, and shot double peace signs at the cheering crowd. (read more)