Teraz Rock


Teraz Rock [rock now], Polish rock magazine founded in 2003 by Wieslaw Weiss (Editor-in-chief) and Wieslaw Krolikowski (Deputy Editor-in-chief) is basically a continuation of Tylko Rock, as most of the editorial staff is the same.

2008 December

No. 12 Issue 70


Freak Out! - demontaz
By Bartek Koziczyński, pp 48-51

On page 10 is Jimmy Carl Black obituary.


2013 April

No. 4 Issue 122


Kower story: Weasels Ripped My Flesh
By Wiesław Weiss, p 98


2014 March

No. 3 Issue 133


Frank Zappa: A Token Of His Extreme
By Bartek Koziczyński, p 91


2014 December

No. 12 Issue 142


Kraj rad: Captain Beefheart
By Paweł Brzykcy, p 103


2015 June

No. 6 Issue 148

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention: Freak Out!
By Paweł Brzykcy, p 73


2015 August

No. 8 Issue 150

Stłumiony okrzyk przerażenia (A muffled scream of horror)
By Robert Filipowski, pp 94-96

2015 September

No. 9 Issue 151

Frank Zappa: Dance Me This
By Robert Filipowski, p 74



2015 December

No. 9 Issue 154

25 niepokornych rocka (25 rebellious rocker)
14. Frank Zappa


Automatic translation: He disapproved of drugs, alcohol and casual sex. He hated amateurism - he had acquired quite a thorough musical education and also demanded extraordinary skills from his collaborators. He was therefore the antithesis of the rock'n'roll lifestyle and rock'n'roll arrogance. And yet his rebellious, crazy, mocking work has more of the arrogant spirit of rock'n'roll than the achievements of many self-proclaimed rebels. Frank Zappa was afraid to shock, outrage and provoke. Music that mocked popular conventions, from psychedelia and blues rock to disco and rap, was met with incredible virtuosity. And with unholy, hilariously brilliant lyrics. An asteroid (3834 Zappafrank) and until recently unknown varieties of mollusks, spiders and fish (Amaurotoma zappa, Pachygnatha zappa and Zappa confluentus) were named in his honor.


2016 January

No. 1 Issue 155

Frank Zappa & The Mothers: Roxy, The Movie
By Wiesław Weiss, p 80


2017 March

No. 3 Issue 169

Rok, który zmienił Rock (The year that changed the rock)
pp 42-45
     The Mothers Of Invention: Abolutely Free
     By RF, p 44

2017 October

No. 10 Issue 176

Technicznaekstaza: Frank Zappa
By Michał Kirmuć, p 94


2021 February

No. 2 Issue 215

Frank Zappa: Halloween 81
By Robert Filipowski, p 84

Kower story: We're Only In It For The Money

By Maciej Koprowicz, p 114

2023 March

No. 3 Issue 240

Kower story: The Man From Utopia
By Robert Filipowski, p 103