The Absolute Sound


The Absolute Sound (often referred to as "TAS") is an American monthly magazine which reviews audiophile-oriented sound-reproduction and recording equipment and recordings, and comments on various music-related subjects. It was founded in 1973 by Harry Pearson. (wikipedia)

1994 Late Winter

Vol. 19 No. 93


A Fond Farewell to Frank Zappa
By Robert J. Reina, pp 153-154, 156, 158

FRANCIS VINCENT ZAPPA (1940-1993) is no longer with us, but the obituaries that have been blanketing the mainstream media seem to have missed the point. There is much more to Zappa than his scatological lyrics and offbeat, unconventional persona. It is meaningless to discuss the extent to which he mayor may not have influenced Howard Stern or Two Live Crew, or to debate whether Zappa's "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" deserves to be categorized with Sheb Wooley's "The Purple People Eater" and the collective works of Weird Al Yankovic. Such views are narrow minded and trivialize the man's very real musical genius. (read more)

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