The Crimson White


The Crimson White, known colloquially as "The CW," is a student-run publication of the University of Alabama published twice a week under The Crimson White Media Group. (wikipedia)

1972 July 17

Vol. 82 No. 5


"Waka-Jawaka" Zappa's Best Yet
By Bob Wiggins, p 6

Zappa has finally returned to the fertile jazz based ground he opened up way back in 1968 with Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Uncle Meat, and Hot Rats. It's been a long wait. His reconstituted Mothers have been floundering about with nothing new to say for three years. Mostly they've been trying to take up the void in vulgarity left by the demise of the Fugs. Many thought that whatever sparks of genius which came flashing through Zappa's 68-69 work had long since burned themselves out. Waka-Jawaka refutes that. (read more)



1974 July 17

Vol. 84 No. 6


The original performer of bizarre rock 'n roll
By John Hinds, p 5

For a man who enjoys large halls to small ones and bizarre audiences to conservative ones, last Sunday night could have been a real letdown. But as I watched Frank Zappa and his Mothers on stage and then interviewed him between shows, it seemed to me that he was having a good time. (read more)