The Gavin Report


The Gavin Report was a San Francisco-based radio industry trade publication. The publication was founded by radio performer Bill Gavin in 1958. Its Top 40 listings were used for many years by programmers to decide content of programs. The publication was also responsible for running the Gavin Seminar, a convention for radio industry members. (

1990 April 13


Twenty Five Years Since Frank Zappa's Hungry Freaks Daddy
By Kent Zimmermann, pp 45, 52

I'm thinking right now about the middle-aged woman behind the record store counter – the manager, the matriarch with authority to push the button. I can see her clearly in my mind's eye. She was respectable, megastraight by 1966 standards. Maybe it was the fact that we were twins, which still opens a lot of doors. There we were, my brother and I, poised to make an LP purchase with money gleaned from a week's worth of lawn mowing. The choice was critical. A mono pressing would set us back only about $1.99. A new stereo – full-radial-sound release –  $2.99. What we really wanted seemed well out of reach – Freak Out by the Mothers Of Invention. We'd heard "Motherly Love" on the nightly portion of KPLS – our local Top Forty station. Back then they let the "hippest" jock "go underground" after six. Motherly love. What was that strange guitar tone? (It turned out to be a kazoo.) There was something sinister, something, well, freaky about this band. So anyway, the bad news...