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1993 May 15

The Guardian Weekend


Frank: Fearless and still fighting
By Alex Kershaw, pp 6-10

HIS APPEARANCE was the first thing that left me confused. In fact speechless. That morning, faintest hint of breeze had blown holes in the hot Los Angeles smog. But Frank Zappa wore a coat draped round him as he sat alone in his sound-proof recording studio. In a green checked shirt, with a standing ashtray at his shoulder, he looked so frail and thin, his trademark "imperial" moustache buried beneath a grey beard. All his life, Frank Zappa has battled against cant, hypocrisy, censorship, record company executives and social injustice. While much of his music may remain on the fringe, his voice has had an influence, despite its radical non-conformism, on several generations. But now, at 52, the man who put the sneer into rock is losing his last and toughest battle. Frank Zappa is dying of cancer. (read more)

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1993 December 7

The father of invention
By Robin Denselow

Rock irony from a master prankster
By Adam Sweeting

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Scan from the Saturday 30th Oct 2010 'family' pullout of the Guardian [UK], containing an article with Diva, Dweezil & Gail Zappa, about FZ stuff in the lead up to The Roundhouse 70th Birthday celebration. Download @ zappateers.

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