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1979 April 12

Vol. 48 No. 21


Sheik Yerbouti – Frank Zappa
By Scott C. Greene, p 7

Frank Zappa has proven he's a genius. A bit on the strange side but that is, in fact, a great part of his musical ability. When a person thinks of Frank Zappa one thinks of this crazed, drugeating, long haired degenerate who dares to write songs about what we often think of people, society, and of ourselves. Zappa's genius arises out of his extremely perceptive lyrics and his ability to transfer those perceptions to his audience in such a way as enlighten and enliven. He's a very funny guy, perhaps we could say, a musical comedian. His music is known to be extremely off beat. He changes key every few measures. He alters tempo and rhythm so much that it's practically impossible to tap your foot to it. Still some how with all these tonal and rhythmic wanderings his music makes sense. I'm not sure how, but after one of his songs is over you're convinced that there's a theme there, but you just can't find it. His music is puzzling to listen to, but after you're done listening to it, somehow it all fits together. (read more)


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