The Lantern


The Lantern is the name of the official, daily student-published university newspaper at The Ohio State University. It is one of the largest campus newspapers in the United States, reaching a circulation of 15,000. (wikipedia)

1974 November 21

Vol. 94 No. 56


Zappa: Bard of the bizarre
By Michael Young, p 9

Explaining Frank Zappa to someone unfamiliar with absurdity is like trying to convince a foreigner McDonald's is not another branch of our federal government.

You don't just "go" to a Zappa concert in the traditional sense of the word. It's more like spending an evening with a musical encounter group acting as a curative agent to rid your psyche of weasels, wazoos and other societal beasties. (read more)

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1977 October 7

Vol. 97 No. 35


Zappa breaks out new 'Dynamo Hum-dingers'
By Robin E. Pond, p 12

Zappa bombarded his sell-out crowd Wednesday night at Veteran's Memorial with thirteen new tunes and four oldies.

The predominantly male audience was restless during the first set, wandering up and down the aisles, but did tune in when Zappa played "Flakes" – a song, Zappa said, "about incompetents that don't ever do what you want them to do. California has the most of them." It looked as though the audience had a lot of them, too. (read more)

p 11 



1978 September 21

Vol. 98 No. 2


Zappa zaps religion and drugs
By Daniel S. Smith, p 11

If the world is divided into leaders and followers, Frank Zappa is definitely a leader. Tuesday at Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Zappa was in complete control of his seven-piece band, of the enthusiastic crowd, and himself.

Zappa, with his back to the audience, carefully conducted the band through the most intricate of instrumental offerings. He told the crowd when to applaud, when to sing along, when to stand up or sit down and when to keep quiet, always with striking success. He led himself through extended guitar solos while choreographing every sound with mechanized hand and body movements. (read more)

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