The Varsity


The Varsity is one of the main student newspapers of the University of Toronto. In publication since 1880, it is the second-oldest student newspaper in Canada, and with a weekly circulation of 20, 000 copies is one of the largest student newspapers by distribution, in North America. ISSN 0042-2789 (wikipedia)

1967 December 1

Vol 87 No. 32


The Mothers of Invention
By Allan Kamin, p 8

 There is a strong possibility that the rock group "The Mothers" (their record company curiously made them add "of Invention" to their name) will be coming to the U.C. Festival in late January. (read more)



1968 January 26

Vol 88 No. 47


The Mothers – A nice place to visit
By Allan Kamin, pp 6, 10

  Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the Ignited States: My fellow war freaks; I have often been accused of being plastic (aside to Press – that is, full of bullshit). I can only say in my own self-defence that I love my children, and my children's children, and I will not allow their minds to be enslaved and twisted by dopepeddlers the likes of Mao, Leary, Kropotkin, Kosygin, Feuer, Nasser, and, above all, or rather should I say in all honesty below all, by . . . THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION! (read more)



1968 January 29

Vol 88 No. 49


Wailing Mothers climax (B)abel festival
By Paul MacRae, pp 3-4

  Fifteen late-comers pounded on the doors outside Convocation Hall last night – overflow ticket-buyers for the Mothers of Invention concert. Inside strobes flashed, 10 shaggy Mothers pounded the organ and drums, movies and patterns scanned the walls and ceiling, fingers played up and down the bass. (read more)



1971 October 22

Vol 92 No. 16


Squat the magic pig – live in concert
By Allan Mandell, p 7

 When I first saw Frank Zappa and the Mothers, at Convocation Hall in 1967, there were troubles with the sound system . The group was generally humorous and Zappa put down the audience at every opportunity – it was interesting. I saw the group again in 1969 at the Atlantic City Pop Festival. Zappa appeared angry at something and simply let loose with a completely instrumental set – it was boring. With these insipid past encounters in mind I impatiently awaited the apof Frank Zappa and his Mothers before a sold-out house in Masssey Hall last Wednesday evening. But Zappa entered in a good mood and immediately won over an appreciative crowd. (read more)



1971 December 8

Vol 92 No. 35


Movie musical clash: Jewison vs. Zappa
By Henry Mietkiewicz, p 17

 Two movies are currently drawing big Toronto audiences. Both are from United Artists. Both are musicals. But here the similarity ends. While Norman Jewison has filmed Fiddler on the Roof along traditional lines and succeeded, Frank Zappa has attempted in 200 Motels to disassociate himself entirely from custom and failed. (read more)



1973 November 23

Vol 94 No. 31


Frank Zappa likes Stravinsky: an interview
By Allan Mandell, pp 12-13

  “In the early days I kept a bunch of people in the group 'cause I liked them and because they had good spirit in spite of the fact that they weren't great musicians. Jimmy Carl Black's one of them. He's not the greatest drummer that ever happened but he had a great spirit and he added a lot to the group. Don Preston used to make mistakes all the time in his parts but he also has one of those personalities that was just so right for the band. But I don't like to maintain that attitude anymore, I've been doing this for so long, I've been waiting for so long to get the right notes played every time, that I'm looking for people that not only have the right spirit, but get up there and do it – really play the notes.” (read more)

Source: Javier Marcote