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The contemporary explosion of anti-society, mass circulation newspapers and magazines was detonated, if belatedly, by the success of the Greenwich Village newspaper, The Village Voice. This was first published in October 1955 ... (Richard Neville, Playpower, 1970, p 125)

1966 December 01

Vol. 12 No. 7


The Pop Bag
By Robert Goldstein, p 32

The Balloon Farm became much more than a discotheque, last weekend and the resident combo became much more than a pop-music ensemble

The occasion was the first New York appearance of The Mothers Of Invention, from deepest freakiest L.A. They are the perfect embodiment of all that is super-hyped about West Coast rock.

Forget that one Mother wears a sweatshirt which advertises "Folk you" in bright buttonese. (read more)


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1967 May 25

Vol. 12 No. 32


21 Win '67 'Obies'
pp 24-25

<...> The afternoon began with 20 minutes of sophisticated raunch-rock by the Mothers of Invention, who opened this week in their own musical "Pigs and Repulsive [Repugnant]" at the Garrick Theatre on Bleecker Street. <...>

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1967 June 1

Vol. 12 No. 33


Theatre: Absolutely Freeeee
By Diane Fisher, p 23

Theatre, it's not: "Absolutely Free" is a concert pure and simple, but if the Mothers of Invention want to down it as theatre that's okay with me. I'm perfectly happy to hear good music, no matter what it's posing as. (read more)




1968 January 11

Vol. 13 No. 13


Zappa and the Mothers: Ugly Can Be Beautiful
By Sally Kempton, pp 1, 10

It is 1 a. m. on a Friday night and the Mothers of Invention are recording part of the soundtrack for their forthcoming movie. Ian is playing the harpsichord and Bunk is playing the flute. They huddle together in a cluster of microphones, Bunk leaning over Ian's shoulder to read the music propped up on the harpsichord stand. Bunk wears a goatee and a matching moustache, and his long thick hair is gray ( in the studio light it looks like a powdered wig). Resembling a figure in an old etching, he bends closer to Ian, his flute poised, and Ian straightens his back and places his fingers on the harpsicord keys. Poised like musicians at a nineteenth-century musicale, they wait for a signal to begin. One feels they are waiting to play a Mozart sonata. (read more)


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