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1967 May 26


'Mothers,' Hip Style
By Stephen MacDonald, p 14

One bewildered critic to another during the intermission of "Absolutely Freee," a new offering by The Mothers of Invention: "What would you call that? Is that what they call a freakout?"

He has a problem, all right, trying to describe the improbable sights and sounds at Greenwich Village's Garrick Theater. For the Mothers, which we might loosely call a rock and roll group of seven males, are wildly hirsute, sartorially shaggy and arrogant of posture. (If that brings to mind the Beatles, try to think more in terms of the Hell's Angels without their bikes.) Visual chaos is compounded by the projection of throbbing patterns on a huge screen behind the ensemble and by such distracting (and annoying) on-stage antics as smearing a banana on a dismembered doll torso. (read more)


Source: Steve Hecht, Drew51 and Gwonam