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1967 April 27

Vol. 60 No. 23


"Mother-Images" Freak Out, Creamcheese, Psychedelics
By Chris Franz, p 7

The opening concert Thurs., Apr. 20, at the American Music Festival featured a program of "Music of the Americas," subtitled "Our New World of Neighbors". The publicity hand-out goes on to describe contributions from Israel, Africa. South America, Ireland, and other nations of the world. However, the music which came from perhaps farthest away was provided by Los Angeles' Mothers of Invention. This group of five (one is actually optional) is among the most innovational of the new psychedelic rock groups. Their first album Freak Out! (a second will be out this summer) is at the same time a fantastic put-on and a fantastic groove. There is no other way to describe it. (read more)

Source: repository.wellesley.edu/wcnews