Woroni is the student newspaper of the Australian National University (ANU), based in Canberra, Australia. The name ‘Woroni’ derives from an Indigenous Australian word meaning ‘mouthpiece’. (wikipedia)

1973 August 2

Vol. 26 No. 16


The Life & Times Of Frank Zappa And The Mothers
By Trevor Lewis, p 1

The recent Australian Tour of Frank Zappa and his giggling accomplices has aroused widespread interest in the work of this rock world's greatest eccentric genius, even to the extent of his being featured by the ABC on Monday Conference. Honestly believing Zappa to be the most exciting musical thing currently happening on board Spaceship Earth, and having been sufficiently inspired by the experience of witnessing his performance in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, I decided, at the risk of seeming highly presumptuous, to set down a few thoughts on his music and its significance for the world. (read more)

Source: archive.org