huH was a popular music magazine launched in 1994. Stopped circulation in the late '90s. (wikipedia).

1995 July

No. 11


Yåbbä Zåppä Dôô
By Mike McGonigal, pp 22-23

From Hungary With Love
By Gabor Csupo, p 24

I discovered Frank Zappa’s music in the early years of the '70s, back in my home country, Budapest, Hungary. I was about 20 years old, and just went through eight years of music training, and four years of art school, and all I cared about was art and music (big coincidence, huh?). Of course, I had some interest in girls too, but since I had no formal training regarding that matter, I thought I shouldn't mention it. It was a hell of a time for a guy like me, who was really hungry for some good music to listen to, I wanted access to anything more exciting than the local radio hits. Western music was not available to the public on vinyl or on tape. But if you were lucky, you could catch it on the radio in certain programs a couple hours a week. Of course, that just didn’t cut it. Then one day I found this hidden little place in the suburbs of Budapest, called the Record Club. (read more)

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