Cal Schenkel art exhibition in Tartu, Estonia, December 2013 – June 2014


We had a small exhibition of Cal Schenkel art in "subculture club" Genialistide klubi, located in Tartu. The exhibition consisted mainly of giclée prints of the album cover artwork, hand-signed by Cal. Plus some smaller hand-painted works by Cal he nicely signed and send to me. In total 15 pictures. The exhibition was up from December to June.

As and additional activity on January 18, 2013, we had a nice Zappa-nite in Genklubi. My task was to conduct one and a half hour lecture on Zappa music along with some excursions into the world of Captain Beefheart. Thereafter DJ Helmut "Tony" Kool followed with a wild Zappa music dance party up to 4 AM.

The lecture (in Estonian) was recorded and is posted to YouTube –

Some screenshots and pictures.

Genklubi homepage in January.

Some other Estonian resources announcing the January 18 event.

Some "subpictures" of the exhibition room


Like A Localabout Genialistide klubi:

You can't have lived in Tartu and not have heard of the Genialistide klubi. If this place believed in translations, the name would mean something akin to "Genius club", but better. An establishment within subcultures, it makes for a venue where theatre, music, cinema and joy meet.

Genialistide Klubi