Bill Graham Presents In New York

Fillmore East

Mothers Of Invention

Youngbloods Chicago Joshua Light Show

Fillmore East June 13-14, 1969



The Mothers of Invention began on Mother's Day, 1965, and to date have recorded five albums. The most recent of these, Uncle Meat, has inspired a motion picture currently in production. Early this year they even slipped into the top forty in Des Moines, Iowa, with their single, "Desiri", recorded under the pseudonym Rubin and the Jets. In the following paragraphs we present the story of each Mother, man by man.

      The Frank Zappa Story: "I wanted to play drums, so I got some sticks and started beating the shit out of the furniture to the extent that my parents gave up and got me a snare drum. I hadn't heard any R&B then and was basically interested in orchestra music. Then I heard some R&B and wanted to be in an R&B band. At that time the guitar wasn't the solo instrument; it was the saxophone. Then I started hearing a few guitars. I wanted them to do it this way and play it that way, but they didn't do it. I stopped playing the drums and got a guitar when I was eighteen. It cost $1.50 at an auction

      "I formed my first group called the Blackouts while at the Antelope Valley High School in Lancaster – a funny small town. In those days, the police were afraid of teenagers and it was a bad scene. Gang fights and all that. They were really scared as it was at that time that R&B had just hit that part of the world and, of course, with the groups came the dope peddlers.

      "The Mothers were formed after I received a call from Ray Collins who had a group with Jim Black and Roy Estrada called the Soul Giants. I thought it was a spiffy little group and I proposed a business deal whereby we'd form a group and make some money, maybe even a little music

      The Jimmy Carl Black Story: Jimmy Carl Black was born of Cherokee Indian parents in Texas, and is the real, live "Indian of the group." Formerly a trumpet player, Jim switched to drums at the age of 23. He is married and has five children, including a young son called Geronimo.

      The Roy Estrada Story: For the past two years, Roy has been building a '28 Model A Ford with a Chrysler engine. Traveling around the world with the group doesn't give him much free time and he has yet to finish it. He is a self-taught bass guitarist and is responsible for the high-pitched harmonizing voice on the Mothers' records.

      The Don Preston Story: Don specializes in the experimental and electronic aspect of the group's music. He has been playing the piano since the age of five. He says that he was a nude model for art classes during the thin times of his career. During his spare time, Don dabbles in Paleontology and skin diving.

      The Bunk Gardner Story: At eight years of age, Bunk became tired of sucking his thumb and took up the clarinet. He now plays flute, soprano, alto, and tenor saxes, bassoon, and piano. Before joining the Mothers, he played with Eartha Kitt and the Freddy Lee Orchestra. Bunk has been blessed with grey hair since he was five.

      The Buzz Gardner Story: Bunk's brother, Buzz, is the newest addition to the group. Buzz is the man with the trumpet.

      The Jim Sherwood Story: Euclid James "Motorhead" Sherwood plays baritone and tenor sax, harmonica and dynamite tambourine. He got his nickname because of his love for old cars, and one night at the Garrick Theatre kept the audience bored for two hours relating his mechanical history.

      The Ian Underwood Story: Formerly a student at Berkeley University and at Yale, Ian, specializes in Mozart at the piano and also plays Sax clarinet, flute and organ. Originally the straight member of the group: Ian is slowly but surely freaking out.

      The Art Tripp Story: Arthur Dyer Tripp III has a green moustache and plays billiards in his spare time. He was a student at the University of Cincinnati and Manhattan School of Music, and spent two years with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Besides the drums, Art plays xylophone vibraphone, marimba and tympani.

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