Rainbow Theatre program

The Free Programme of the Rainbow Theatre London1971

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention: December 10 & 11
Melanie: December 9
Doris Troy: December 15
plus Joe's Lights every night

We Are The Mother People

The following extracts are from a 1968 'Rolling Stone' interview with Frank Zappa, a few lines from his self written press kit, and a recent interview by Ian Pollock who compiled the words. Unless otherwise stated, all the quotes are from Frank Zappa.

'I was born in Baltimore, Maryland on December 21, 1940.' 'My formal musical education consists of one special harmony course which I was allowed to take during my senior year in high school ... another harmony course (with required keyboard practice) ... and a composition course at Pomona College which I would sneak into and audit ... I have played band and orchestra percussion in school ensembles.' 'I wanted to play drums so I got some sticks and started beating the shit out of the furniture to the extent that my parents gave up and got me a snare drum. I hadn't heard any R and B then and was basically interested in orchestra music. Then I heard some R and B and wanted to be in an R and B band.' 'I got a guitar when I was 18 ... the strings were so high I couldn't play chords on it so I started playing lines right away. I didn't learn to play chords until after about a year.' (read more)


Source: slime.oofytv.set