Underground Skånska Konstmuseum

The catalogue from the exhibition Underground 

22/03 - 04/05 1969

Ingvar Carlsson, Julian Beck, Erik Thygesen, Bob Dylan, Tuli Kupferberg, Gary Snyder, Frank Zappa, Leif Nylén, Torsten Ekbom, Jerry Rubin. 

Underground is part of the youth revolt of our time. Of today's longing for new norms and a new freedom. Underground is a man-faceted phenomenon but first and foremost a socially critical phenomenon. You can evaluate the symptoms differently, but you can't deny them. When Lunds Konsthall declined the Underground exhibition, however, it was obvious for Skånska Konstmuseum to offer to take it over.

The exhibition is planned as a multi-media expo with posters, visual arts, magazines, light shows, film, theater, beat, pop, and folk music. For our wholehearted participation, we thank Arts Lab, Jim Haynes and the International Times in London. Öyvind Fahlström in New York, Steve Davidson in Amsterdam, Moderna Museet, the film history collections and film center in Stockholm, as well as Studenternas Filmstudio and Lilla Teatern in Lund – to name a few. The catalogue – which is not a catalogue but concerns selected parts of the Underground movement – has been edited by Folke Edwards.
Ingvar Claesson/Skånska Konstmuseum.

Skånska Konstmuseum. Lund. Sweden. 1969. Stapled. 30 x 21 cm. 16 pages.

Source: Södertälje Konsthall