Park Show Offers Satiric Ensemble

By Robert Shelton

The New York Times, August 5, 1968

Buddy Guy with his flamboyant guitar and the Mothers of Invention with their inventive zaniness put on a lively show Saturday night at the Schaefer Music Festival in Central Park. [1]

Mr. Guy is a blues guitarist of sweeping appeal. He heightens his technical splash with emotional urgency and extravagant showmanship. He has obviously been watching the work of Jimi Hendrix, although many of his effects are rooted in older rhythm and blues.

Frank Zappa and his nine-man Mothers of Invention turned their segment into part hip vaudeville, and part musical inspiration. On the serious side, his scorings for a two-drummer, two-reedman, two-keyboard band are among the freshest things to be heard these days in jazz rock. His arrangements were imaginative embellishments of full-blown ideas.

As to the outrageous wit of Mr. Zappa and his men, their take-offs on old-fashioned teen pop were droll satire. “Trouble Every Day” and “Mr. America” were examples of the far reaches to which the lowly topical song can be elevated.

1. August 3, 1968. They had actually two shows this day, both listed in Zappa Gig List and recordings are available (zappateers tracker).

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