Bizarre Deal Brings Mothers To Reprise

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Cash Box, February 1, 1969

LOS ANGELES — Confirming a move exclusively reported in Cash Box, Reprise Records has obtained exclusive worldwide distribution to all product from Bizarre, Inc., recently formed by Frank Zappa and Herb Cohen. Deal brings Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention into the Reprise fold, in addition to Wild Man Fischer and Sandie Hervitz [Sandy Hurvitz], with others still to be recorded.

Reprise general manager Mo Ostin termed the agreement a milestone in the history of Reprise. "The Mothers of Invention have already proved themselves both artistically and commercially" stated Ostin. In the future as so-called 'underground acts' increasingly dominate the sales picture, Frank Zappa and all the Bizarre acts can be in the forefront of record sales. By terms of the agreement with Reprise, Bizarre will maintain complete artistic control over material, art work, and advertising, with Zappa in charge of all record production.

First release under the deal is slated next week, when a double-record album containing the last recorded performance of Lenny Bruce will be issued. Entitled "Berkeley Concert," it is the only complete recording of a Bruce concert available on disk.

The first Mothers Of Invention album is set for February.

Under the umbrella of Bizarre, Inc., general manager Herb Cohen will also serve as head of the management division. The parent company will hold personal management contracts with many of the artists signed to Bizarre.

Other members of the Bizarre staff include Neil Reshen, business manager; Joe Gannon, formerly with A&M Records, general manager of Bizarre Records, who will also work in the areas of management, concert promotion and television and motion picture production; Grant Gibbs, director of marketing; and Cal Schenkel, art director.
Reshen is heading up the New York office at present.

Bizarre is maintaining a suite of offices at 5455 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles and 150 West 55th St. in New York.

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