By Marty Cerf

World Countdown, May 13, 1969

Editor’s note – The following is an account in part of the newest female happening group in Hollywood. Their name is the GTO’s, and I don’t mean the car kind, as you will soon find out. For those of you on the east coast who may not have heard of this new group, please do not judge them by the rapping that follows, as it was written by the group, and they are very humble, they really are a very talented group, and I will be looking forward to their up and coming album, to debut soon in June. I would like to mention if you ever get a chance to see the group in your town, at a college, night club, concert, or whatever, do so, their act will blow your minds, such choreography has been absent among youth all too long, and I’m glad to see it returning ... Marty Cerf

Hello and good evening from the backstages and dressing rooms of Hollywood. This is where we started and this is where we’ll probably wind up along with Trashy Tillie and the picture booth queen.

Once upon a time there were seven girls – two got married and now there are five – five ducks paddling across the pond of life. There was a time that we loitered around Frank Zappa’s house and to keep us out of his way, he put us to work. He asked what we wanted to be and we said “Pop stars,” so we tried our hardest to record an album (with the help of our best friends). It’s called ‘Permanent Damage.’ G. (girls), T. (together), O’s (outrageously) and will be released in June. If you were lucky you might’ve seen [our whining] Christmas show with the Mothers at the Shrine or at their recording at Whiskey A Go Go – [ .... ] Sutch at “Thee Experience.”

One must see Mercy to appreciate her beauty. She’s twenty-year-old whatever, who each week is influenced by another new duck, usually mainlined in the stats. She’s currently dating Jobriath Salisbury, the hot little blonde number, who plays “Woof” in L.A.’s “Hair,” but thinks of [ .... ] of the pianist Nicky Hopkins, and the underdog, guitar lying and Brian Jones.

The plastic fantastic Christine is sickly. Sometimes she’s nice, sometimes she’s mean and sometimes she feels like a queen ... it’s springtime when a young girl’s fancy turns to Julie Driscoll. Miss Christine is said to buy more [ .... ] than anyone in the city of Hollywood. She went strictly with Alice Cooper for nine months and it is rumored that there will soon be a wedding. Who will wear the gown? (Don’t forget Arthur Brown.)

Miss Pamela is being in a cowboy fantasy with her fiddle and daydreams of the Flying Burrito Brothers. At the writing she is probably hitching to Kentucky of picking daisies somewhere. Her main goal in life is to “marry a grand man, live in the country and have a baby in a year.”

Cinderella is presently living with her parents while her father prepares her to go out into the world. The Capricorn section has caught her fancy this May. [ .... ] is “in” this year.

The lovely Sandra is waiting to have a showing of her latest creation in June, screamy baby. Suggested names should be sent to Bizarre office, 5455 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1713 ... Original and unperverted please. She is dying to live alone in the givenness with a romantical fantasy, (and her new baby).

In the weeks to come you’ll read about 1.) how to approach the G.T.O.’s 2.) You’ll hear about Sandra’s Three Duck Night 3.) Mercy’s week in the [ .... ]4.) Cynderella’s rapings5.) Miss Pamela’s fantastic journey to Disneyland – and much much more! Send your questions (we’ll be glad to answer all!) in World Countdown.

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