World Countdown


Hip bi-weekly music newspaper from L.A., published by Charles Royal 1966-69. Sometimes referenced as Royal's World Countdown.
Rare West Coast music paper (29 issues, each tabloid-size), which initially billed itself as "The First Worldwide Big Beat Newspaper", by the end simply as "This Earth's Leading Newspaper", a description which belies its relative obscurity, then as now. Accurate collation is tricky as the first few are unnumbered and all but the last in the sequence are undated. Publication was initially monthly, later fortnightly, with distribution via newsstands throughout Los Angeles (most notably the World News & Book Store at 1660 Cahuenga) and in San Francisco (the Psychedelic Shop on Haight St.). (BeatBooks)

1967 May

Vol. 2 No. 9


Zappa statement on poison gas and FZ poster giveaway

I was born in Baltimore December 21, 1940. Then lived in country for a while... Then moved back into the city. That didn't last very long. Then moved back to the country and my father made poison gas for the government during World  War II. That was a lot of fun. Then moved to California. Lived in California for a while. Kept living in California over and over and over again until I started making poison gas for our government. Hopefully Capitol Records will help me to distribute this poison gas. Did you get any on you?

Frank Zappa
May 3, 1967 


Source: slime.oofytv.set