About the abortion issue in the United States [1]

By Frank Zappa

Tuttifrutti, September, 1989

Arguing the relative merits of "baby murder" versus church-sponsored "fetal life insurance policies" misses the point. The real question is "WILL AMERICA BECOME A PRO-CHOICE NATION OR A NO-CHOICE NATION"?

"Do Americans want Democracy or not?" I think most do, but the Fundamentalist Extremists who have sponsored this foolishness obviously think our present form of government is a bad idea. Why?

In theory, Democracy is government based on consensus: through the electoral process, the will of the MAJORITY is expressed on an issue, after which the government is supposed to act on the MAJORITY decision.

This brings into focus the "hidden agenda" which underlies the Fundamentalist's position on this and many other social issues: Fundamentalists believe THEY are "GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE"; that THEY are "THE ALL-AMERICAN MASTER RACE". THEY will go to HEAVEN. Everybody else (in other words, the Democratic Majority) will go to HELL. Everybody else is BAD. Everybody else mast be punished. Everybody else must be CONTROLLED. Members of this "MASTER RACE" loudly proclaim that THEY love GOD, and, of course, HE loves THEM. They serve ONLY HIM. THEY have dedicated THEIR LIVES to "helping" HIM. So, in order to "serve and help HIM", THEY have a plan to punish and control EVERYBODY ELSE. (Naturally, they believe God likes their plan, that HE will help THEM execute it, and that eventually THEY will PREVAIL.)

In order to preclude the possibility that EVERYBODY ELSE, using the Democratic Process as some sort of "EVIL TOOL", gets THEIR WAY, Fundamentalists have launched a number of "social programs" designed to strangle freedom of choice at every level of America Life. (Remember, these are the same bastards who want to put labels on rock & roll records.)

Fundamentalists say they answer only to a "Higher Authority". They fancy themselves to be beyond the reach of mortal law. This pathetic delusion was the hallmark of the Reagan Administration. Since George Bush has borrowed heavily from the talent pool of "MASTER RACE" trainees weaned under Reagan, these ideological kamikazes still lurk in the U.S. government, from the Supreme Court on down. These assholes are a bigger threat to Democracy than any KGB agent ever could be.

Frank Zappa

1. This article in Tuttifrutti magazine was in English and Italian under common italian title  "Sulla questione dell aborto negli Stati Unite". The original source of this article is unknown to me.

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