Louise Brooks, Frank Zappa & Other Charmers & Dreamers
Tom Graves

The Devault-Graves Agency
2015 August 11
ISBN 978-1-942531-08-1
410 pp, paperback, 20,5 x 12,5 cm

This collection of interviews by Tom Graves contains interview with Frank Zappa, originally published in Rock & Roll Disc Magazine, December 1987.

Author's note:

This interview with Frank Zappa for Rock & Roll Disc magazine in 1987 coincided with the reissue on compact disc of the early Mothers of Invention albums on the Rykodisc label. These highly influential albums had been out of print for years due to Zappa’s litigation to reclaim the tights and master-tapes to these works. This interview appeared in the second issue (I believe) of Rock & Roll Disc magazine, which was just finding its legs. As a courtesy to Mr. Zappa, I gave him a permanent subscription to the magazine. Some months later I received a call from an employee at the Zappa estate. Could I please send two copies per month of the magazine? I was, of course, glad to oblige and asked why they wanted two copies. “Every month went it comes Frank takes it up to the big house and we don’t get a chance to read it.” I don't know that I’ve ever received a finer compliment.


 Louise Brooks -- Author Tom Graves Discusses Louise Brooks in New Book  (youtube)


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