Pop Superstars

Arcana Editrice
204 pp, paperback, 20 x 14 cm

Manuel Insolera:
"Pop Superstars", published by Arcana, the publishing house specializing in the publication of works that are somehow related to rock and underground culture. This book contains the Italian translation of some long and exhaustive interviews with various rock artists (Frank Zappa, Mick Jagger, Paul Kantner and Grace Slick, James Taylor and Carly Simon, Elton John) originally published on Rolling Stone, the most authoritative specialized magazine American underground and non-underground rock. 

Most of the interviews here - Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Mick Jagger,  Grace Slick with Paul Kantner - are translated from the book The Rolling Stone Interviews, Vol. I. They were supplemented with interviews with Elton John, Carly Simon and James Taylor. The Frank Zappa interview by Jerry Hopkins was first printed in Rolling Stone, August 1967.


Review by Manuel Insolera in Ciao 2001