Ciao 2001


The weekly Ciao 2001 (Hello 2001) was founded in 1969 by the merger of two magazines Ciao Amici (Hello friends) and Big, as a first Italian rock magazine. Discontinued in 2000.

1970 February 11

Vol. 2 No. 6


FZ on the cover and Hot Rats ad on p 36. The "Underground in Italia" insert, which probably has some Zappa content, is missing.

p 2 p 36

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1971 December 1

Vol. 3 No. 48


Frank Zappa: "Qual è la parte più sporca del vostro corpo?"
By Dario Salvatori, pp 12-15

Article titled "What's the ugliest part of your body?" Plus 200 Motels review on page 65.


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1972 February 6

Vol. 4 No. 5


By Armando Gallo, pp 12-15

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1972 July 23

Vol. 4 No. 29


Frank Zappa: Grande pantomima per un re straccione
By Maurizio Baiata, pp 32-36

"Great pantomime for a trash king."

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1973 September 2

Vol.5 No. 35


Tutto quello che avreste voluto sapere su Frank Zappa ma non avete mai osato chiedere
By Dario Salvatori, pp 26-41  

"Everything you wanted to know about Frank Zappa, but never dared to ask".

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1975 August 24

Vol. 7 No. 33


Frank Zappa – Impegni da superman
By Armando Gallo & Maria Laura Giulietti, pp 36-37

 Centerfold poster and 2-page article "Commitments of a superman".


1978 February 19

Vol. 10 No. 7


Quel geniale signore che si chiama Frank Zappa
By Aldo Bagli, pp 10-12

Interview titled "That genial gentleman named Frank Zappa."

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1978 November 12

Vol. 10 No. 45


Sfrontato e geniale torna Frank Zappa
By Maria Laura G. Giulietti, pp 19-20

"Bold and brilliant Frank Zappa."


1981 February 15

Vol. 13 No. 7


40 anni di Zappa
Genio & sregolatezza
By Aldo Bagli, pp 33, 36-37

 Centerfold poster and 3-page article "Genial and unruly".


1984 October 14

Vol. 16 No. 41


Sono Zappa e me ne vanto!
By Maria Laura Giulietti, pp 12-15

By ?, pp 41, 44

Centerfold poster, 4-page article "I'm proud of Zappa" and 2-page photo-story.



1984 October 28

Vol. 16 No. 43


Zappa in Italia. Il moschettiere e'tornato.
By Carlo Silvestro, pp 27-30

Interview with Zappa vising Italy, titled "The musketeer is back".

Source: Václav Pěnkava


1990 July 3

Vol. 22 No. 26 (1078)


By Jacopo Benci and Paolo Battigelli, pp 12-17

Article titled "Twenty-five years of rock and transgressions". 


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