Frank Zappa – The Classic Interviews
Steven Rosen

Chrome Dreams
ISBN 1-84240-270-6
16 pp, stapled, 12,5 x 14 cm

On this CD you can listen to two interviews Frank Zappa gave to Guitar Player magazine journalist Steven Rosen. Includes a 16-page booklet with "The Story Behind The Interviews" by Steven Rosen, illustrated with some rare photos.

In his story Rosen is talking about 3 interviews, only one of them is on the CD. First interview he did in the early 70s for Sounds magazine (We have it from ROCK Magazine – A Conversation (?) with The Eternally Charming Frank Zappa). Next one was published in January 1977 as Guitar Player cover story (on the CD tracks 1 & 2). As 3rd and last interview he is quoting interview he did in 1982 and which was published by Record Review in June 1982 (German translation – Fachblatt Music Magazine, June 1982). On the CD (tracks 3 & 4) is another interview –

Charles Ulrich:

This one was conducted in summer 1979, when Joe's Garage was completed but not yet released. FZ talked about his custom-built pedalboard, his Acoustic Black Widow, xenochrony (even spelling and defining the term), Warts And All, Jewish Princess and the ADL, and which guitar he played which Joe's Garage solos on.


1.Interview 19:36Guitar Player, January 1977
These 2 interview tracks on CD are actually parts 1 and 2 of the same interview.
2.Interview 29:17
3.Interview 325:20Original printed publication unknown.
4.Interview 3 Part 218:44