Frank Zappa és az Ötlet Szülöanyjai. Sztori 1940-1989.
Csaba András Dézsi

Gyr Megyei Lapkiad Vállalat Hungary
ISBN 963-7247-01-7
204 pp, paperback, 20 x 12 cm

Csaba András

This is the first book ever published about Frank Zappa in Hungary. Its a chronological work, showing FZ's carrier from the beginning till the '88 tour (it was published in 1989), introducing all the albums and movies published till that time. Before this book there were some (really few) articles, interviews, criticism about FZ's stuff, but these remained mostly in the surface, talking about the "funny rock-clown". So this book as a 200 page biography finally had informations that only few could get about Zappa's works before -- it was a really important issue, every FZ fan in Hungary has it in his/her bookshelf.
Unfortunately it's out of print, no longer available.

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Dedicated to "Z" (Czaba Dézsi meets Frank Zappa in Budapest, 1991)