Great Zappa
The Overview on the Musical Genius of the 20th Century

Kohjitsu Ohyama (大山 甲日)

Kousakusha (工作舎)
1998 December
ISBN 4-87502-304-9
560 pp, hardcover, 22 x 15,5 cm

This very thick and solid book by Kohitsu Ohyama has following chapters, every one of them devoted to one album:

  1. Studio Tan
  2. Sleep Dirt
  3. Orchestral Favorites
  4. Zappa In New York
  5. Burnt Weeny Sandwitch
  6. Roxy & Elsewhere
  7. Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch
  8. The Perfect Stranger
  9. Francesco Zappa
  10. The Man From Utopia
  11. The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
  12. Make A Jazz Noise Here
  13. Broadway The Hard Way
  14. Does Humor Belong In Music
  15. The Yellow Shark

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