Mother's Home Journal

One of the first Zappa fanzines, published by Craig Pinkus in 1972-1974 (1975?). The number of issues is unknown.
Urban Gwerder in Hot Raz Times: Craig Eldon Pinkus' interesting and charming free distributed stencilled personal newsletter.
CP: Mother's Home Journal was given its name by Frank, and may be the only fanzine of the era with that honor. I designed a logo consisting of a large "M" with the distinctive Zappa mustache and goatee just beneath the center "v" of the M.

Given the technology, it was virtually a handmade publication: typed on a manual typewriter, reproduced by mimeographing, photocopying, hand-addressing, hand-stamping of the logo, and individual postage stamps. Lots of work and of course a labor of love. – Mother's Home Journal
An evening with Frank Zappa


If you have any of these issues, please let me know: afka (at)