Actuel (today) was in the beginning (1968) a jazz newspaper, then pop magazine. Later in 70s Actuel was an important counterculture publication covering rock, drugs, feminism and ecology. (wikipedia)
Different series of Actuel had separate issue numbering:
- 1st series 1968-1970
- 2nd series 1970-1975
- 3rd series 1979-1994
Actuel magazine started Actuel Records label and organized Actuel Festivalin October 1969 at the Amougies.

1969 May

No. 6


In this issue is a Zappa centerfold (pp 22-23) and short Mothermania LP announce (p 40).

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1969 November

No. 9

By Denys Lemery, pp 2-5

Amougies Free
By Jean-Max Michel, pp 18-26, 56-57

la Tête de "More"
By Olivier Hiriart, pp 24-26

Amougies Pop
By Pierre Lattes, pp 41-49


Source: Javier Marcote


1970 January

No. 10


Zappa! Hier Aujourd'hui Demain
By Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, pp 46-50

This interview titled "Zappa! Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" is part 1 of an interview made in Zappa's log cabin, Summer '68. Part 2 was printed in the next issue.

Partly the interview was published in German Konkret, September 1968.

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1971 October

No. 13


Zappa parle
By ?, pp 32-33

Full text of the interview "Zappa speaks" is available at Fredunzel.

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1975 June

No. 55


Viva Zappa - Gong go home!
By ?, p 31

The article is accompanied with nice drawing by Marcel Gotlib. (See also Pop & Rock by Solé, Gotlib, Dister.)

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