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The Aquarian Weekly is New Jersey's oldest alternative weekly paper, founded in 1969. From 1986 to 1992, it was called East Coast Rocker. (wikipedia)

1978 January 11-18

Issue 193

The Aquarian Night Owl - free supplement


Backstage With Zappa And The Angels
By Lisa Caine-Fondo, p 35

 Carrying on in the demented fashion for which he is infamous, Zappa revealed his latest extravaganza recently. The unsuspecting masses at the famed Pauley Pavillion at U.C.L.A. were treated to his latest song "Punky's Whips." The basis of which is the fact that Zappa's drummer Terry seems to have fallen in love with a photo of Punky "Whips" Meadows, the guitarist for ANGEL. The pretty puckered puss of Punky, (SAY 3 Times fast), was blown up to 5'x8' and used as a backdrop for the song called PUNKY'S WHIPS. The term here is referring to Mr. Meadow's lips.

Later backstage, all the ANGELS posed with Zappa. Note pleased expression on Zappa's face. Note "what the hell are we doing here?" on the band's face.

Angel, by the way, have a new bass player, Felix Robinson. Their new single on Casablanca called The Winter Song, is now available. For those of you who are familiar with Angel's previous material, and were not impressed with it BE SURE to pick up their new album due soon, White Hot. It is totally different from the first three. The album is sure to be one of the top ten lps this year. Straight ahead rock 'n roll, if you can sit still through it you must be dead. Shorter numbers, superbly tasteful and very powerful.

by L.A. Correspondent Lisa Caine-Fondo

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1978 November 22-29

Issue 238

The Aquarian Night Owl - free supplement


When Confronting Frank Zappa There Is No Middle Ground
By Gene Kalbacher, pp 1, 48-49

The conversation centered on Zappa's current litigation with Warner Bros. Records, with whom the long-haired goateed musician has terminated a recording tenure spanning a decade.

Zappa's answers, to my surprise-owing to his reputation as a bizarre, coiled-spring character-were painfully honest, direct and ... polite. He dismissed what he considered foolish questions more with aplomb than with indignation, fixing his attention, by turns, on each of the more than a dozen assembled reporters. (read more)

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1995 October 25 - November 1

Issue 795


Zappa's Political Connection
By Edward Lagrossa, p 12

Saint Zappa, Halloween Idyll
By Charles Frick, pp 40-41, 54

Frank Zappa was not only an incredibly accomplished and innovative musician/composer, he was also one of the most politically active rock musicians ever. And on Sept. 19, 1985, smack dab in the middle of the Rightwing Reagan years, Zappa made a statement before Congress in an attempt to stop them from putting "profanity" warning stickers on records and CDs. The censorship sticker became standard by 1990, forcing many radio stations to not play "advisory" stickered records. To this day, some large retail outlets refuse to carry any product with "advisory" stickers because of morality clauses in their contracts with shopping malls. There are, of course, double platinum exceptions, such as Nine Inch Nails' Downward Spiral and Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blood Sugar Sex Magik. (read more)

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