The Aquarian Weekly


The Aquarian Weekly is New Jersey's oldest alternative weekly paper, founded in 1969. (wikipedia)

1978 November 22-29

Issue 238

The Aquarian Night Owl - free supplement


When Confronting Frank Zappa There Is No Middle Ground
By Gene Kalbacher, pp 1, 48-49

The conversation centered on Zappa's current litigation with Warner Bros. Records, with whom the long-haired goateed musician has terminated a recording tenure spanning a decade.

Zappa's answers, to my surprise-owing to his reputation as a bizarre, coiled-spring character-were painfully honest, direct and ... polite. He dismissed what he considered foolish questions more with aplomb than with indignation, fixing his attention, by turns, on each of the more than a dozen assembled reporters. (read more)

 p 1 pp 48-49

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