East Coast Rocker


The East Coast Rocker (EC Rocker) is a publication that was printed weekly in the mid-to-late 80s and early 90s. It covered the local NY/NJ tri-state area music scene along with well known national artist. (eBay)
The alternative newspaper Aquarian was founded in 1969. In 1986 after 637 issues it changed to East Coast Rocker. In 1992 after 326 issues as East Coast Rocker the magazine changed back to Aquarian Weekly. It is accompanied by a pull-out section East Coast Rocker, which is freely distributed. (wikipedia)

1988 March 30

No. 89


Artist, Businessman, Politician
By Harold De Muir, pp 18-20

Only The Weather Was Cold
By Glenn Rechler, pp 20, 33

 Talking in front of Congress is not like going to heaven and talking to God. These people are your employees, they owe you good government, and you have the right to demand that they do their job. They’ve asked for it, they begged you to vote for them, and now they’re supposed to perform. And so as long as you’re not afraid of them and you keep your proper perspective, anybody could go in there and make a speech. (read more)

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