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1984 April 1


(1) Classical Zappa
By Barbara Zuck, pp 10-11, 16, 19
(2) A Conference of Composers
p 18

(1) Zappa had some lifting insight into the world of classical music.

"Boulez had a number of problems conducting my music which he didn't expect. His musicians are highly trained virtuosos specializing in playing contemporary music. But my music is vastly different from most music they play. Several people or more are asked to play difficult rhythms together."

Zappa's music, both in the popular vein and classical, is rhythmically unconventional and free. It sounds more organized around speech patterns than around traditional meters.

"Now, having toured with bands," continued Zappa, "I know that rock musicians' pay scale is better than that of classical musicians. So you can get people to spend more time practicing individually. Because rock musicians are motivated by two factors, which they get after a concert: a paycheck, and (some sex) because they are in the band. It is part of the 'blue spotlight' syndrome. (read more)

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