Circus Raves


Monthly magazine Circus Raves, a sister publication of Circus, was launched in January 1974. In the end of 1975, Circus Raves merged again into Circus, making it a biweekly publication since December 1975. In 1974 Circus Raves had 10 issues, in 1975 12.

1974 August

Vol. 1 No. 6


Captain Beefheart – Unconditionally Guaranteed
By Jon Tiven, p 60

Frank Zappa – Apostrophe
By Jon Tiven, p 61

Frank Zappa makes albums that should be listened to by Frank Zappa while he sits on Frank Zappa's toilet thinking up the lyrics to the next Frank Zappa album. He doesn’t have to think about writing the music, because it’s easy enough to invite his buddies over for a jam; of course, when you steal song titles from old jokes (“Don't Eat Yellow Snow"), it makes life easier as well.



Before the gig in the hot, humid dressing room of the Miami auditorium, Frank Zappa sat by himself, casually plucking his guitar. Although he played effortlessly, dynamic shocks of electrical rock came smashing and sliding out of the warm-up amp. Zappa was using these last few moments to ready himself to go on stage. The rest of the Mothers of Invention, his legendary band of avant garde rockers, were off in another part of the backstage area, joking and priming themselves for the concert. Ruth Underwood, one of the members of the Mothers, ducked in once to ask what song Frank wanted to open the set with. (read more)



1975 December

Vol. 2 No. 11 (printed 11, actually 12)


Frank Zappa: Outraged Customer
Interview by Scott Cohen, pp 44-46

Cohen: Do you think 1967, "The Summer Of Love," was the last great year for us collectively?

Zappa: Are you out of your fucking mind? What was hot about 1967? To wake me up with a statement like that ... No, the answer's no. (read more)