Das Magazin


Das Magazin is the oldest magazine in Germany, first issue published in October 1924. From 1959-1989 published in DDR, up to 500 000 copies per month. Current circulation is about 60 000.

1987 Januar

No. 1

Frank Zappa "Wenn ich kein Genie bin, wer sonst"
By Gottfired Blumenstein, 3 pp

 Automatic translation: Of course one shouldn't let the chance (especially since this is also a great honor) to write about the rock musician Frank Zappa go to waste, but on the other hand one tries something almost impossible with it. How can one do justice to such a master? The following sentence was not coined for Frank Zappa, but for the singer Randy Newman, but this could also honor our hero: His wonderful music is heard by wonderful fans. (read more

Source: vivavincent.de


1988 April

No. 1


 No other Zappa content in this issue but the full-page picture.



2017 January

No. 1

Zappa - Eat That Question
By Jenni Zylka, p 36