Distant Drummer


Distant Drummer was a 1960s counterculture underground newspaper published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from November 1967 to August 1979. (wikipedia)
Initially it was a monthly, since January 1969 weekly paper.

1968 May

No. 6



We have only the cover page copied. We don't know is any Zappa content inside or not.

Source: Charles Ulrich


1969 March ??

No. ?

An Album For Germans
By Bill Hoy, p 14


(DD interviewed Frank Zappa during his Feb. 11-12 gig at the Electric Factory.)

DD: About your music, are you going through any major changes?

ZAPPA: It changes everyday.

DD: In what direction do you feel it’s going?

ZAPPA: It’s heading towards music. (read more)

Source: Charles Ulrich, Steve Hecht, Drew51