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Hi-Fi News & Record Review is the oldest hi-fi title, published since June 1956, two years before the commercial stereo.

1974 August

Vol. 19 No. 8


The Father Of Mothers Plus One Son (incl Apostrophe)
By Fred Dellar, p 113

Side one of the new Zappa album is virtually one long mish-mash of songs and stories integrated in some curious way. (read more)

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1979 January

Vol. 24 No. 1


Rock (incl. Studio Tan)
By Fred Dellar, p 129

... and then move on to discuss the disappointments inherent in Frank Zappa's Studio Tan (Discreet K59210). For Zappa, it's been the long hard slide on the mat since his brilliant Hot Rats in 1970. With each successive release he's appeared to edge nearer and nearer the abyss of the abysmal, Studio Tan finding him in a position where even an enthusiastic St Bernard might be hard put to lend a paw. The whole of the album’s first side is devoted to Greggery Peccary, 20 minutes of sheer wax-wasting bufoonery – and while some music of consequence does emerge on the reverse, mainly on Redunzl, the closing opus, the total amount of worthwhile material could easily be accommodated on a lengthy single. No personnel list provided and, apart from the sound quality, which is excellent, the whole disc is redolent of a musician who has become bored with his chosen profession . . . or maybe that it's just because he became bored with Warner’s, because the news is that he's since signed with Virgin. [A*:3]

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