High Fidelity


High Fidelity was an American magazine that was published from April 1951 until July 1989 and was a source of information about high fidelity audio equipment, video equipment, audio recordings, and other aspects of the musical world, such as music history, biographies, and anecdotal stories by or about noted performers. (wikipedia)

1967 September

Vol. 17 No. 9


Mothers Of Invention: Absolutely Free
By Steven Lowe, p 108

This is not great music, and much of the text (a lot of it is spoken) is fairly crass and redundant, but somehow there is something fiendishly endearing about the direct and spontaneous outrages that are hurled about willy-nilly, especially after the slickly efficient studio products offered by the safer rock groups that rule the airwaves. (read more)

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1968 June

Vol. 18 No. 6


Mothers Of Invention: We're Only In It For The Money
By Steven Lowe, p 98

This is one hell of a production – a delicious fold-out cover in beautiful parody of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (complete with cardboard sheet of cut-out pictures) with lots of extras shouting and making obscene noises. (read more)

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1969 March

Vol. 19 No. 3


Mothers Of Invention: Cruising With Ruben And The Jets
By Morgan Ames, p 124

Ruben and the Jets are the Mothers of Invention. They are perhaps the most respect-worthy group in rock, first because they are all solid musicians, and second because they don't truck with the rock mystique. They don't protest, moan, flaunt, preach, fumble, or feel sorry for themselves in the name of Art. What they do is laugh – at themselves, at the establishment, and at the hippies who buy their music. As a rule, the super-intense hippie world is quick to defend its territory, but they don't seem to notice this mockery from within their ranks. The acid world could use a few laughs, and it's a shame the talented Mothers don't get more appreciation from their own. (read more)

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