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The magazine started in 1958 as HiFi and Music Review. The magazine's name was changed to HiFi/Stereo Review in 1960. By 1968, stereo had gone mainstream, and HiFi/Stereo Review became known simply as Stereo Review. In 1989 it absorbed High Fidelity magazine. Finally in February 1999 Stereo Review merged with sister publication Video and became Sound & Vision.

1971 June

Vol. 26 No. 6


Edgard Varèse
By Eric Salzman, pp 57-61, 64-68
Edgard Varèse: Idol of My Youth

By Frank Zappa, pp 62-63

Stereo Review presents the nineteenth article in the American Composers Series – Edgard Varèse by Eric Salzman, containing a 2-page article by Frank Zappa.

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1979 April

Vol. 42 No. 4


A Little Visit With Frank Zappa
By Steve Simels, pp 80-82

The following excerpts from our conversation, alternately witty, scathing, scatological, and thoughtful, should give you an idea of what I mean. I should add, by the way, that although we did not get along particularly well – at one point he called me a pinhead and I'm sure he meant it – I still respect the man as much as I respect anyone in pop music. After all, he plays a mean guitar.  (read more)

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1979 June

Vol. 42 No. 6


Frank Zappa: Sheik Yerbouti (review)
By Peter Reilly, pp 102, 104



1983 November

Vol. 48 No. 11


By Mark Peel, p 102

Zappa's albums Volume 1 and The Man from Utopia reviewed.



1987 June

Vol. 52 No. 6


By Michael Smolen, pp 93-95

"Narrow-mindedness has always been one of the prime factors in American society," Zappa told me recently over coffee at New York's Mayfair Hotel. "It's a big blind spot in America, the closed-mindedness, the small-mindedness, the resistance to change. There's a resistance to change and an artificial support of things that are new, because Americans have a resistance to going all the way. So when people say 'That's not music,' that's just another manifestation of closed-mindedness. It's an educational problem."  (read more)



1995 July

Vol. 60 No. 7


Perfectly Frank
By Steve Simels, p 81



1997 January

Vol. 60 No. 7


Frank Zappa: Läther (review)
By Parke Puterbaugh, pp 100-101