In Performance


In Performance was a bimonthly magazine published in the 80s by Arts & Leisure Publication, Chicago.

1984 May/June


A Zappa Affair
pp 17-20

Puppets - Symphony - Zappa
How It All Happened

By Stephanie Zimmerman, pp 21-24, 26-30

The music came first. The scores for Zappa's ballet music were written around 1980. Frank Zappa has been acclaimed as a genius for his versatility and consistently fine art under many different guises – composer, bandleader, producer, accomplished guitarist, low singer extraordinaire, record company executive and most recently as conductor of serious classical music (Zappa 'wowed' San Francisco audiences last year when he conducted an evening of works by Varèse and Webern at the Opera House). It wasn't surprising that the most recent interest in his ever expanding musical world would be scores for large orchestra. And Frank Zappa audiences can expect they will continue to enjoy the versatility of this composer even in this endeavor. "What has remained most consistent," comments writer, Dan Forte in an article written about Zappa in Musician, Player and Listener," ... and what has puzzled many listeners from 'Freak Out' onward, is Zappa's acerbic sense of humor. (read more)

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