La Repubblica


La Repubblica is an Italian daily newspaper, based in Rome. Founded in 1976. See also supplements Musica, Rock & Altro and XL.

2021 June 6

Vol. 28 No. 22


Ravel e Beatles l'ultimo show di Frank Zappa in America
By Carmine Saviano, 1 p

 Google translate: It will be difficult to respect the lineup and not immediately go to his version of Stairway to heaven, or to the medley of Norwegian wood, Lucy in the sky with diamonds and Strawberry fields forever. Or jump directly to I am the Walrus, or the moments in which, during that 1988 tour, Frank Zappa reread and paid homage to Beatles and Led Zeppelin. A paradoxical homage for those who had always moved beyond the mainstream, beyond fashions and stardom, in an obsessive self-denial to their own musical research. (read more)


Source: Fulvio Fiore