Musica, rock & altro!


The second biggest newspaper in Italy, la Repubblica, inaugurates in 1995 two new supplements – Musica, rock & altro! (Music, rock & more) and Salute. Replaced in 2005 with a new magazine XL.

1995 May 10

No. 8


Immortale Zappastory
By Riccardo Berrtoncelli, p 17

Opera omnia, zappiani di tutto il mondo unitevi
By Ale Sordi, pp 1, 17

 Automatic translation: In recent weeks Frank Zappa has been accepted into the American Music Hall of Fame, the ideal association that brings together the Immortals of rock music. He arrived there after so many meteorites in rock history, he who was a planet, and so large as to be visible to the naked eye at a long distance. But anyway: public recognition has never been a highlight of Zappian history and then he, an old grumpy autonomist, was not the type to mind such trifles. (read more)

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2002 May 30

No. 330


Tom Waits racconta ...
By Tom Waits, pp 18-19

 Automatic translation:  [...]
YELLOW SHARK - Frank Zappa
The last great work of him. He had a top group. The clarity of pure madness. A great skill. With the right hand he conducts with Elmore James, with the left together with Stravinsky.
TROUT MASK REPLICA - Captain Beefheart
The roughest diamond in the mine. His inventions are made of bone and mud. If you enter the "matrix" of his mind, you will lose your sense. For serious listeners, Beefheart cannot miss. An expedition to the center of the earth. Drink it once and you will never be thirsty again. [...]

Source: Fulvio Fiore


2002 October 3

No. 343


Frank Zappa nel dimenticatoio
By Riccardo Bertoncelli, p 9

 Automatic translation: Zappa has been dead for 9 years and at least 5 years since he disappeared from the news lists; in a five-year period a single anthology of unpublished works came out, moreover never arrived in stores. A sign of exemplary seriousness and rare record moderation? (read more)

Source: Fulvio Fiore


2002 November 7

No. 348


Quanto è difficile riassumere Zappa!
By Enrico Sisti, p 21

 Automatic translation: Almost ten years after the expulsion of the volcanic Maestro, two "guided" anthologies of his vast repertoire are about to come out. What risks? (read more)

Source: Fulvio Fiore